Robotics, STEAM and New Technologies in Education

Structure – Structure of Studies


The P.M.S. "Robotics, STEAM and New Technologies in Education" is developed in 3 semesters of study and the total number of credits for obtaining the M.D.E amounts to 90 credits (ECTS units). In the first two semesters, students attend a total of ten courses, while in the third semester they prepare their master's thesis or choose 2 courses of increased importance. Each course lasts 3 hours per week and corresponds to 6 credit units (The courses of increased gravity of the 3rd semester correspond to 15 credit units) of the European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS) system. The postgraduate thesis corresponds to 30 credits of the European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS).


Greek is defined as the main language of teaching the courses in all their forms (theory, exercises, workshops, assignments, seminars, exams, etc.). This also applies to the Diplomatic Thesis. However, it is possible to teach entire or individual courses in the English language, as well as the preparation of assignments and final written exams in the same language. It is also possible to prepare a Diploma Thesis in English, either in whole or in part, if the students so wish. Consequently, the prospective students of the P.M.S. they must know the English language (level B1 and above).


According to the gazettes establishing the Master's degree, the teaching of the courses can be done with the simultaneous physical presence of students and teachers (live) or with distance synchronous and/or asynchronous education (without the forced simultaneous physical presence of students and teachers) or hybrid with flexible forms of learning using a combination of live education and the use of IT and communication technologies, but also additionally distance teaching. Distance education in any form cannot exceed a total of 30% of teaching hours of Master's courses.

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