Robotics, STEAM and New Technologies in Education


All graduates of HEI Departments, as well as Departments of recognized equivalent institutions abroad, whose degree has been recognized by DOATAP (formerly DIKATSA) and in any case, always in accordance with the written provisions, are accepted at PMS. Final year students can also apply, who have successfully completed their undergraduate studies before the start of the evaluation of candidates and will meet all the requirements for admission to the PMS.

The selection of those admitted to the PMS is made by the Coordinating Committee of the PMS, according to the criteria defined in the department's postgraduate study guide. The list of successful candidates is validated by the Department's Assembly.

In the PMS, based on article 34 paragraph 8 of Law 4485/17, it is provided that the members of the E.E.P. categories, as well as E.D.I.P. and E.T.E.P. who meet the conditions of the first paragraph of paragraph 1, may, after their application, be registered as supernumeraries, and only one per year and per P.M.S., in accordance with the more specific conditions provided for in article 45, only in P .M.S. which is organized in a Department of the Institution where they serve, which is relevant to the subject of the degree and the work they perform at the relevant Institution.

Holders of recognized master's degrees from the country or abroad are entitled - after a recommendation by the SE of the PMS and a decision of the ST. – exemption from corresponding courses they have successfully attended to receive their master's degree.

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