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Admission process

The evaluation and selection of the candidates for Master's students is done in accordance with Law 3685, Official Gazette 148/16-07-08, article 4, paragraph 1, by the coordination committee of the PMS. The selection process includes a specialized algorithm with which the qualifications of the candidates are scored. The relevant algorithm is determined by the Assembly of the Department of Production and Management Engineering with the aim of selecting the candidates with those necessary conditions that maximize the probability of successful attendance at PMS.

The selection process is carried out based on the following criteria which are quantified through scoring:

  1. Relevance of the subject of the candidate's undergraduate studies to the scientific area of the PMS (A.M.:30)
  2. Overall degree grade (1 credit per grade, A.M.:10)
  3. Grade in PMS-related courses (2 points per course, A.M.:8)
  4. Relevance and Performance in Diplomatic Thesis (if any) (A.M.: 12)
  5. Related research activity (if any), e.g. research papers in journals and conferences, relevant to the subject, participation in research projects, etc. (1 point per publication or research project with A.M.:10)
  6. Professional experience (1 credit per year, A.M.:5)
  7. Existence of another degree or master's degree (A.M.:5)
  8. Documentation of sufficient knowledge of the English Language (necessary qualification). Applicants must have a proven command of English, as long as it is possible to teach in English. The minimum requirement for proven knowledge of English is B1 level. The certification of the level is defined by the corresponding gazette that determines the levels of knowledge of English by ASEP and they are accepted after a recommendation of the Coordinating Committee (CE) and a decision of the Departmental Assembly (StT). In special cases, English language certification exams may be conducted by the department, to determine the level of knowledge of candidates who do not hold an official title.
  9. Knowledge of another or other foreign languages is also taken into account (in case of equal degree)
  10. Letters of recommendation from members of D.E.P. of A.E.I. or by an employer. Failure to provide letters of recommendation is not grounds for cancellation of candidacy (in case of a tie)
  11. Interview (Understanding the requirements of the PMS, Ability to cooperate, Communication ability), (A.M.: 20).


The evaluation includes a personal interview in which the candidate's personality is assessed. The ability to communicate clearly and persuasively, sound judgment, as well as the candidate's overall make-up are of particular importance in forming an opinion about the candidate.

The candidate selection and evaluation process can be updated with a proposal from the SE and an approval decision from the ST.

Postgraduate students have the possibility, after a proposal from the SE and approval from the ST. of the department to assist professors of the Undergraduate Study Program (PPS) in tutorial exercises and workshops as well as to participate in research projects and programs, related to their scientific subject.

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